DIY Crafts: 4 Fun Soda Playdough DIYs – How To Make Edible Play Doh – Coca Cola,Fanta,Pepsi-No Bake

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August 12, 2017
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August 13, 2017

DIY Crafts: 4 Fun Soda Playdough DIYs – How To Make Edible Play Doh – Coca Cola,Fanta,Pepsi-No Bake! Learn how to make a DIY playdough made with your favorite soda – this play dough recipe does not require baking or cream of tater. You can make this with 3 ingredients you probably already have in your home – you can use any kind of soda – in this video I used – Coke, Pepsi, Fanta and Moutain Dew! In this easy DIY craft video tutorial learn how to make DIY no cook edible Play Doh with soda . I hope you have fun with this DIY playdough craft idea. There are so many fun & cool crafts you can make that are inspired by soda. This is a unique and cheap why to make edible playdough. This is an inexpensive and affordable way to make your own Play Doh. It is so easy to your own edible playdough. Enjoy this fun and creative play doh idea. This is perfect for adults (stress relief) and cool for kids. This makes a perfect teen craft idea – to make for yourself or give as presents (wrap with a cute saying). There are so many more fun soda inspired playdough scents you could make. Sprite, Sierra Mist, Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, 7Up, Kool Aid, Jello and so many more – Have fun and get creative! Trust me you will fun with this DIY play doh – it is so much fun and smells like the soda you use. If you are looking how to make your own edible playdough that is easy and no bake then try this method – you won’t be disappointed! I had so much fun making playdough that involved soda!

What soda will you use to make your own edible Play Doh? I would love to see your DIY playdough creations. These homemade ideas would make great gifts/presents for family and friends. What soda lover wouldn’t like to receive playdoh as a handmade gift ideas? Also, do you have any playdough hack ideas? What fun things can you think of to make more edible play doh crafts or pranks?

Again, I would love to see your soda playdough ideas!

If you have a DIY craft idea let me know in the comments.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Mountain Dew Play Doh:
Green Food Coloring
Mountain Dew Soda

Pepsi Play Doh:
Red & Green Food Coloring
Pepsi Soda

Fanta Play Doh:
Red & Yellow Food Coloring
Fanta Soda

Coke (Coca Cola) Play Doh:
Red & Green Food Coloring
Coca Cola Soda

Also, if you have a favorite DIY project, craft or activity that you like let me know. Do you have a video you would like to see – request a craft video tutorial!

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If you make these use the #kimspireddiy – I would love to see your finished project. Show me your best custom no bake edible DIY playdough ideas on social media! Thanks for watching – DIY Crafts: 4 Fun Soda Playdough DIYs – How To Make Edible Play Doh – Coca Cola,Fanta,Pepsi-No Bake

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DIY Crafts: 4 Fun Soda Playdough DIYs – How To Make Edible Play Doh – Coca Cola,Fanta,Pepsi-No Bake



  1. itzzz saraaa says:

    is this edible ???????

  2. I tried to make it and it didn't work.. any tips??

  3. Coral Reef says:

    I just made this! It's really cool

  4. You can just use aater

  5. Jayde says:

    Will this also work with water??

  6. Surfing Bo says:

    You're videos are so original, I love them. I love your channel, I subscribed👍🏼🎉

  7. rach & soph says:

    The whole time I was thinking about how much I wanted to eat it

  8. Ceanne B says:

    Can you eat it if you add food

  9. omg you had 80k back then in jan. wow just 2 months and already 280k! wow

  10. I've done this before and it got moldy will it do that if you add pop instead of water? Yes I stored it in a bag.

  11. Tanya Sloane says:

    i didn't have salt so I used suger

  12. OMG LOVE IT but it's a bit harder than it looks

  13. Sophie Khan says:

    wow amazing idea its everything I have flour and salt. Thank You

  14. What app do you use to edit and stuff????

  15. could you make it out of Capri Suns

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