DIY Crafts: 3 Fun DIY Projects – Notebook, Pen, Pencil Case (Weird DIYs To Try) Fried Egg & Bacon

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July 15, 2017
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DIY Crafts: 3 Fun DIY Projects – Notebook, Pen, Pencil Case (Weird DIYs To Try) Fried Egg & Bacon! DIY school supplies – notebook, pens & pencil cases all inspired by breakfast foods. Learn how to make a unique fried egg notebook, a bacon pen and a cinnamon roll pencil case. Have fun with these cool & easy DIY School Supplies. In this easy DIY craft video tutorial learn how to make weird DIY crafts that you need to try by using foam, paper, polymer clay & more. I hope you have fun with this cool DIY craft idea. There are so many fun & easy crafts you can make that are inspired by food. These are unique and cheap craft ideas. You can recycle a scrape paper to make a notebook, foam is inexpensive and model polymer clay is affordable. Enjoy these fun craft ideas and get creative. These are all great craft for adults and cool crafts for kids. They make the perfect teen crafts – to make for yourself or give as presents. The DIY miniature pens and pencil case can make the perfect room decor (set on your desk) and along with the DIY Notebook they make great school supplies. I call these weird DIYs you need to try but they are actually really fun and look so realistic. So let’s start crafting some beautiful and amazing room decorations and make some fun, unique and cool school supplies. Also bring these to school and prank your friends and teachers when you pull out a cinnamon roll pencil case and then a bacon pen and then top it off with a fried egg notepad πŸ™‚

What breakfast craft idea inspired you? I would love to see your DIY creations. These homemade ideas would make great
gifts/presents for family and friends. What breakfast food lover wouldn’t like to receive one of these handmade gift ideas? Also, do
you have any craft hacks, life hacks or DIY pranks you would like to see?

Again, I would love to see your fun craft ideas!

If you have a DIY craft idea let me know in the comments.
Printables –

Here are the supplies you will need:

DIY Bacon Pen:
Photo Paper
White Paper & Packing Tape

DIY Fried Egg Notebook:
Fried Egg Printable
White Foam
Yellow Foam or Polymer Clay
Dimensional Magic

DIY Cinnamon Roll Pencil Case:
Transfer Paper
White Fabric
White Zipper

Also, if you have a favorite DIY project, craft or activity that you like let me know. Do you have a video you would like to see – request a craft video tutorial!

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media! Thanks for watching – DIY Crafts: 3 Fun DIY Projects – Notebook, Pen, Pencil Case (Weird DIYs To Try) Fried Egg & Bacon

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DIY Crafts: 3 Fun DIY Projects – Notebook, Pen, Pencil Case (Weird DIYs To Try) Fried Egg & Bacon



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