DIY Bandana Drool Bib (…pattern included)

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Oh my goodness, you guys, I miss this place! I miss making, and sharing, and chatting with you all. 🙂

I have been pretty sporadic this ENTIRE summer…but I’m here, I promise I’m still here!!! That cute and squishy little baby of ours kinda rocked our world when he was born April 30th. Max is our 5th baby but our transition with him has just taken a little longer than with our other babies. Yeah, he had a few issues at birth and stayed in the NICU for a while, but I think it’s taken some time to transition because of a mixture of several factors (including my bigger kids being home for summer break)!

I was just telling my husband Steve the other day, I finally feel a shift in energy and am feeling a little more “normal” lately. Max is now sleeping through the night, and I swear sleep is a cure-all for a groggy cranky mom. (So go take a nap all you moms out there…even if your babies aren’t so little anymore. Ha!)

Anyway, I have been trying to share this post with you guys for a while….and have finally finished it up. Yay! Because these Bandana Drool Bibs are super simple to make and are so cute to wear!

I know Bandana Bibs are nothing new….but I sure love making things just the way I want them, in the colors that I want. And really, all these bibs take are maybe 15-20 minutes to whip up!

All from a few scraps of knit fabric. How cute are all these “boy” type colors!!

I made this pattern (which I share below) to fit Max, who is 3 months old…but he’s wearing more like 6 month clothes. And I’m guessing these will fit even up to a 1 year old size.

The front of these are made with knit fabric (which is pretty absorbent)….but the back is made from terry cloth, which absorbs all sorts of slobber.

Which is why I made these…..because Max is a drooler. He’s also constantly chewing on his fists, which creates even more drool, so these bibs are perfect for him!

They’re also easy to take on and off….with a little velcro around the back of the neck.

The shape of these Bandana bibs is more straight across the top, so that while worn, they kinda bunch up a bit in the front, like the look of a real “bandana”. But the bunching actually provides a little more fabric to collect drool. Win-win!

This baby boy….man, we love him fiercely! He is such a happy little guy, with a whole lot of patience. So glad he’s ours!


Okay, ready to make your own bibs??

Supplies for Bandana Drool Bib:

  • Top Fabric (I used knit fabric but you could use a woven cotton…but it won’t be quite as absorbent as a knit fabric)
  • Terry Cloth fabric (for the back side of the bib)
  • Velcro
  • Pattern piece HERE (this size was made to fit my 3 month old, who is sized more like a 6 month old….but would probably fit up to a 12 month old.)

First of all, cut out your pattern piece (and remember that it’s only HALF of your bib shape). Then, fold over your fabric and place the straight edge of the pattern piece along the fold of your fabric. Cut around the pattern piece. Repeat with your terry cloth fabric.

Once you open up your fabric pieces, you’ll see the full bib shape.

Place your 2 bib pieces together, with right sides together, and pin together around all the edges.

Sew the two layers together, with 1/4 inch seam allowance….leaving a 2 inch opening along the top straight edge.

Trim off some of the fabric around each of the curves (so that it will lay flatter after turning).

And trim off the tip of the bottom corner. (More on Clipping Curves and Corners.)

Turn the bib right side out through the opening, making sure to fold the edges of opening towards the inside 1/4 inch…..and press flat.

Top-stitch around the edge of the bib, about 1/8 inch from the edge.

Add 1 inch velcro pieces to the ends of the bib……

… that you can overlap the ends and secure it closed.

And that’s it!

A cute little bib to wrap around your little one’s neck……to keep the drool off their clothing and skin!



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