7 of the Greatest TV Teen Dramas of All Time

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June 16, 2017
20+ Travel Activities for Kids (A New Activity Pack!)
June 17, 2017

Teen dramas are the best dramas when it comes to TV. Check out the greatest of all time.

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  1. Latonya Sims says:

    In about 5 years, Riverdale WILL be on this LIST OR ELSE😑
    read more

  2. Alex Story says:

    who else was waiting for the vampire diaries

  3. Problem I have with Gossip Girl is that the cast all hated each other. I did not like the lack of chemistry in the show. Also, PLL had gone on WAY too long! I stopped after season 3. They took so long to answer questions, it was getting annoying

  4. shypiglet17 says:

    Where was "My so called life"?

  5. puresastiel says:

    Ok dean was an amazing boyfriend, jess was an asshole idc if he likes literature or not, and Logan was a baby with a college fund, get out of here with the "horrible lineup of boyfriends"

  6. maddy a says:

    um where is skins uk

  7. Gossip Girl is forever!

  8. Kylie Rose says:

    Pretty Little Liars 4life

  9. Degrassi?(not the new one)

  10. emlikescats says:


  11. Camila Go says:

    one tree hill is my favorite tv show ever.
    i think freaks and geeks should be replaced by the vampire diaries.

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